Park Wildflowers

Mill River Park is a unique habitat that is returning native plants to downtown Stamford. The original wildflower mix was selected to enhance the natural habitat. They are native CT wildflowers and therefore their seed dispersal will have no adverse impact on the local environment.

We have also noticed in the past year that we have many "volunteer" flowers, meaning they were brought to the Park solely through seed dispersal means.



Park Trees

As part of the construction process, over 400 trees were planting in the Phase 1 site.

With three varieties of cherry trees (Kwanzan, Yoshino, Autumnalis) we are also home to the largest cherry tree grove in New England.




Park Shrubs

Thousands of shrubs have been planted in the Phase 1 site. Along with the wildflowers and trees, this plant community forms the ideal habitat for native birds, bees, butterflies, and wildlife.