Butterfly Release

Last night we released around 30 monarchs into our certified Monarch Waystation in the Butterfly Hill playground garden. Most of them enthusiastically took off and a few hung around to taste test the flowers that have been strategically planted for butterfly enjoyment. These monarchs will soon begin their southern migration and head to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico for the winter. Monarchs can travel, on average, 50-100 miles a day. The butterflies we released last night will be the same ones who make it to Mexico for the winter, but the ones that return to our waystation in Stamford next summer will be 3-4 generations later of their offspring.

If you want to create your own Monarch Waystation and raise some butterflies next summer, visit Monarch Watch to get important information and kits.

We had a great time last night with our members and some of their kids for our Butterfly Release Party! Here are some pictures from the evening.