Butterflies, everywhere!

It's been a month since 100 centimeter-long caterpillars arrived at our office in downtown Stamford, and now we've got butterflies everywhere! As can be expected, we had some caterpillars who didn't make it all the way to adulthood, as well as about five that developed much faster than the rest and have already been released. But as of Monday morning, we have 15 Monarchs in our office with another dozen or so ready to emerge at any moment.

This week we will be hosting a members-only Monarch Release event where a large swath of butterflies will be released simultaneously in our newly christened Monarch Waystation. Basic membership costs $25 and gives you access to special events such as this, as well as multiple other benefits. Contact Emily Rosenthal at emily@millriverpark.com to learn more about how you can become a member.