Carousel Figures

The carousel figures still available in the Brownstein-Selkowitz Carousel Pavilion (opening in 2017!) are shown to the right; Trout, Blue Crab, and Lightning Bug. Carousel figures are all native Connecticut wildlife. To purchase a carousel figure contact Amanda Keith at (203) 989-0321 x103 or


Put Your Name in the Park

There are several opportunities for engravings in the Park. The Wall of Honor is prominently seen on the Grand Steps, and Capstones line the east side along the Noble Americas East River Path and the Graham Family Overlook.

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Inscriptions available at $350, $500, and $1,000

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Gift of a Tree

There is no greater way to grow with the Park than to give the gift of a tree for future generations to enjoy. Trees come in three different sizes, priced accordingly.

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