Wall of Honor

Our Wall of Honor can be found on either side of our Grand Steps. Located just east of the River in the center of our Park, the Wall of Honor is a prime location to share your support with the many visitors who pass through each day. Inscriptions are offered based on font size and location, and your listing will be included among the many supporters who help the Park grow and thrive.

Wall of Honor inscriptions available for

$350 - standard text

$500 - large text

$1,000 - extra large text




Located along the cobblestone path on the East side of the River, the Capstone border offers stunning views of the Carousel Lawn, lower meadows, and West Side Overlook. These stones give you the freedom to make a personalized message in a secluded section of the Park, and with various text size offerings, you will have one of the most customized legacy gifts to cherish for years to come. 

Capstones available for

$7,500 - Capstone border

Tree Dedications

There is no greater way to grow with the Park than to give the gift of a tree for future generations to enjoy. Trees vary in price based on size, type of tree and location. Trees are available for purchase in various locations throughout the Park, varying from Cherry to Caliper. Please contact our office for the most up-to-date tree offerings.

Tree Dedications available for

$1,000 - "Understory" Tree (Various Native Species)

$2,500 - 3"-4" Caliper Tree