Eric Spiller Outdoor Classroom

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The Eric Spiller Outdoor Classroom GoFundMe was created by a friend and neighbor who wanted to honor the memory of our youngest son, Eric Spiller, through the establishment of an outdoor nature’s classroom in Mill River Park that would be utilized by the public, as well as the Stamford Public Schools. We lost our son this past October suddenly and unexpectedly. When our neighbor approached us with the idea we were touched beyond words. It is a big project and raising the needed funds of $195,000 is an ambitious undertaking. 

So, who was Eric Spiller? Eric was a son, a brother, a grandson, a cousin, a nephew, a friend to many, and most recently an uncle. Eric was a quiet young man, but he also had a playful, humorous, and goofy side. He was born and raised in Stamford. After high school, Eric went to a college of art, but eventually switched to and graduated from a culinary school. Ironically though, through his donation of a rather large lizard to an exotic animal education facility, he started a career of working with animals. His first job included such exotic animals as snakes, lizards, alligators, tarantulas, scorpions, ferrets, and the list goes on. He thoroughly enjoyed it. Later, he switched to working for a shelter for homeless dogs and cats. Eric enjoyed challenging himself with working with the most difficult animals, the ones most unlikely to be adopted. Finally, though he thoroughly enjoyed working with animals, Eric made one more career change. He decided to work with his father in his landscaping business. Even here though, he found time to observe and care for nature’s creatures, often rescuing animals that another might have just ignored. 

Eric has always been fascinated by the creatures of nature. Throughout the years, he shared his enthusiasm and knowledge of animals and nature with many of the children who lived in our neighborhood. The kids often gravitated towards Eric following him around outside as they explored nature. Eric had been a big part of the family that put together this GoFundMe project, often sitting for their three children and teaching them about nature by getting them outside and “into” nature. It was this characteristic and enthusiasm that inspired our neighbor’s idea for a nature’s classroom. As a means of finding funding we are reaching out to as many people as possible in hopes of bringing to fruition this wonderful project, which can be a great benefit to the community. Please visit the Eric Spiller Outdoor Classroom GoFundMe and know that any donation will help make this a reality.                                                                           

 Jane and Jim Spiller