Mill River Park Collaborative (EIN: 06-1507648) is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to create and sustain a world-class park in Downtown Stamford. The board of the Collaborative includes representation from the City of Stamford, Stamford Partnership, Downtown Special Services District, the West Side and Downtown communities, Urban Redevelopment Commission, the corporate community and Stamford at large. The Collaborative was established as a public/private partnership that would “provide collaborative leadership in creating and sustaining a successful Mill River Park.”


The Collaborative assumes the majority of the responsibility of the Park’s maintenance and operation and has committed, along with the City of Stamford, to ensure that it is maintained at a high standard. The Collaborative operates under a 10-year contract with the City of Stamford to oversee the design, construction, maintenance, and programming of the Park. In 2015, the City of Stamford funding accounted for 30% of the Collaborative's total operating budget.

Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report